Welcome to the Ocean Exchange’s search for Solutions Inspiring Action. These are innovative, proactive and globally scalable Solutions with working prototypes that can leap across industries, economies and cultures– innovations that generate economic growth and increased productivity, while reducing the use of nature’s resources and waste.

The 2017 Award Cycle is now Closed. 

Please check back for more info on our 2017 Event and 2018 Awards. 

In 2017, our awards were:

The WWL Orcelle® Award 2017 $100,000 USD is given to the solution that makes shipping and logistics more sustainable by advancing zero-emission, marine and/or land based technologies that are commercially viable.

The Neptune Award 2017 $100,000 USD is given to the solution that advances our understanding of the ocean and that helps minimize our impact on these resources, even while using them for human benefit, resulting in more resilient bodies of water including healthy marine life and coastlines.

The BIG Pitch Competition $10,000 USD is given to undergraduate & graduate innovations that improve economies, health, and the environment, fitting under the theme of sustainability. (more info here)

The Ocean Exchange promotes innovative organizations and entrepreneurs who are implementing tangible solutions that shape the future today.

All Solutions passing prescreening are showcased in our digital magazine where organizations from around the world seeking innovative solutions can discover your work, learn more about your solution and contact you.

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