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Ocean Exchange 2024

October 27-29th in Fort Lauderdale, FL


Meet Our 2023 Award Winners

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2024 Main Awards

Call for Solutions now open for the WW Orcelle® Award and 2x Neptune Awards!

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2024 Collegiate Awards

Opportunities for two graduate and undergraduate level innovators in North America with sustainability solutions. 

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2023 Event Photos

View a selection of photos from the Ocean Exchange 2023 event in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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Ocean Exchange is a global ecosystem that comprises members of our Board of Directors, Executive Team, and experts from business, finance, academia, government, and non-profits Around the World.

Ocean Exchange 2024 Provisional Timeline

Each year, Ocean Exchange hosts an event to recognize and help advance innovation in technologies aimed at the health of our oceans and the Blue Economy. It continues to grow year after year. Ocean Exchange 2023—our 12th event—received a record number of submissions from companies around the world. Solutions represented such categories as alternative materials, CO2 reduction and sequestration, data/robotics, digitalization, energy, fisheries/marine habitat, vessel/port operations, and water treatment.

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About Us

Ocean Exchange is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions for healthy oceans and the sustainable Blue Economy. A 501(c)(3), Ocean Exchange fulfills this mission through a rigorous, multi-level program that includes annual monetary awards, promoting registered Solutions Inspiring Action across multiple communication channels, and facilitating access to a global network of experts from around the world. This network is the heart of an ecosystem that encourages and supports pioneering companies focused on the development and commercialization of breakthrough technologies.

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View Our Webcast Library

Ocean Exchange and the Marine Technology Society, the leading international community of ocean scientists and engineers, practitioners, policy makers, and educators, have partnered to present a collaborative webcast series. These informative and well-attended webcasts provide an ideal way to discuss solutions to important issues.

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Our Latest News

Keep up to date with developments at Ocean Exchange by reading our latest news. 

Partnerships for the Blue

While it might be daunting to push the movement and measures to protect, preserve and regenerate the ocean and blue systems, when someone asks what gives me hope, one of my first answers is partnerships and collaborations.

Navigating towards a Greener Horizon: Maritime Decarbonization and Sustainability 

As the world’s attention turns increasingly towards sustainability, the urgent need to decarbonize shipping operations has become increasingly apparent. Maritime decarbonization and sustainability are now at the forefront of discussions at Ocean Exchange, as we seek innovative solutions to address this hard-to-abate sector’s carbon footprint. 

Ocean Exchange Announces Anshul Tuteja to be Executive in Residence

Ocean Exchange Announces Anshul Tuteja to be Executive in Residence

Ocean Exchange Startups to be part of EarthX Ocean & Blue Economy Agenda

The Ocean Exchange, a leader in supporting the acceleration of innovative solutions for healthy oceans and a sustainable blue economy will be supporting the upcoming EarthX Congress of Conferences by providing a showcase of past finalists with solutions that impact our Oceans and the Blue Economy. Startups will present their solutions to an audience and…

Ocean Exchange Startups to be Part of CLIA CRUISE WEEK Europe

The Ocean Exchange, a leader in supporting the acceleration of innovative solutions for healthy oceans and a sustainable blue economy will be supporting the upcoming CLIA Cruise Week by providing a showcase of past finalists with solutions that cover Maritime Tech, Hospitality and Design/New Build for the cruise industry.
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New Advances in Offshore CO2 Monitoring

Learn about new advances in offshore CO2 monitoring with Rick Schrynemeeckers, Amplified Geochemical Imaging, as he explains geologic sequestration as a method of carbon capture and sequestration.
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Our Sponsors

Ocean Exchange’s mission is funded by private donations including those from Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Royal Caribbean, Schmidt Marine Technology Partners, Oceankind, Marine Research Hub of South Florida, Oceaneering, Angus Littlejohn, Jr. Family, and others who share the passion for healthy oceans.

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Ocean Exchange invites you to learn more about Awards Program, our ecosystem and success of our award winners and participants. Together, we can chart a powerful course to help ensure the future of our oceans and the Blue Economy.

“Ocean Exchange has a platform to enable people with information that they need to know about the ocean and then to showcase new technologies that are on the forefront of really helping the ocean and the planet.”

“The quality of the content and the people who are involved with Ocean Exchange is all high end.”

“Besides funding, Ocean Exchange provides access to a wide area network of incredibly talented people in organizations that really do just want to help people.”

“Ocean Exchange is really about helping the little guys grow and in so doing, helping the big guys be better ocean citizens.”

“Ocean Exchange seems to be much more focused on bringing to light under-capitalized, wonderful new technology ideas. And it’s all about two-way access to this new technology and to the people who can help with the experience to grow that technology.”

“Ocean Exchange is a force multiplier to enable sustainable innovation.”

“Ocean Exchange is a global, novel innovation forum that has a greater ability to attract a broader range of impactful stakeholders than any other event that’s out there.”

“Unquestionably, one of Ocean Exchange’s primary strengths is how it brings together people from different paths. That makes its event a delegator experience as well as experience for an innovator or awards nominee.”

“Ocean Exchange is entirely different from any of the other organizations that I’m involved in. It is about sustainable innovation. I think it’s also very different in the extremely broad range of stakeholders that it involves.”

“There’s nothing better than going to an event or engaging with people so you walk away and say, ‘Wow!’”