Ocean Exchange is the intersection where organizations from around the world advance and promote their cutting edge solutions and innovations in materials, devices, processes, and systems. We have created the knowledge-based catalyst for organizations to achieve Corporate Social Responsibility Goals.

By connecting innovators and organizations, Ocean Exchange empowers the successful application of solutions for the greater good.

We are advocates for innovators. We are advocates for collaboration across industry and geography while protecting the intellectual property of the innovator.

Testimonials from our Delegates…

“There is tremendous passion for building solutions that address the many challenges in the ocean, particularly amongst the many students I met at this event. These presentations and discussions reinforced the importance of understanding what is already happening before building a solution that already exists somewhere else.”
~Kendra MacDonald, CEO Ocean Supercluster
(Read her full piece on Ocean Exchange 2019)

“Ocean Exchange is not only a great networking opportunity but offers attendees a unique chance to view innovative ideas from different individuals before they come to market. The theme for this year’s event was “Accelerate Sustainability” showcasing transformative solutions in areas such as sensing & data, robotics, supply chain, water & energy, maritime technology and more. Oceaneering just became a Corporate Sponsor of Ocean Exchange and look forward to continuing our relationship with the organization.”
~Mark W. Carpenter, Oceaneering

“Besides from the often mind-boggling solutions, the whole framework of the Ocean Exchange was well thought-through and worked out perfect: time management could not have been better, Dain Dunston a wonderful speaker, food delicious, location great, the gala speeches swift and pointy. All in all – two and a half fantastic days. “

“Even more than in 2013 I realized how truly unique Ocean Exchange is with its “boutique” quality where the cross-layers of our complex society can meet and exchange ideas from so many different walks of life “

” It was inspirational and exciting to meet people from a variety of sectors who share similar values and concerns for our future.”

“The event is Savannah was spectacular. You guys have designed the mix-and-mingle factor perfectly and no one can complain that they lacked time or opportunity to meet someone.”

From our Solution Providers…

“We owe a great deal of thanks to The Ocean Exchange for giving us the chance to present our solution in public and we were honoured to be a finalist.”
Greg Atkinson, Founder & CTO at Eco Marine Power

“Ocean Exchange played an important role in getting exposure for Bandalong.”
~Gary Hopkins of Storm Water Systems: