Our 2017 Awards cycle is now complete. Please select the award below to learn about our winners.

WW Orcelle®

Neptune Award

BIG Pitch Competition

The Ocean Exchange™ offered two incentive awards, underwritten by our Worldwide Sponsors, to outstanding Solutions Creators. The 2017 award winners were selected from 12 finalists who presented at our Event, which was held on October 8 – 10th, 2017. We were also excited to present a collegiate award, BIG Pitch, for a third year.

The WWL Orcelle® Award 2017 –  Given to the Solution that best demonstrates the greatest alignment with the 2017 theme with applicability across multiple industries generating positive impact on the environment, economies or health while respecting cultures around the world. This year the Navigator Award will focus on solutions in the area of renewable energy in celebration of Gulfstream’s investment in renewable fuels.

The Neptune Award – Given to the solution that makes shipping and logistics more sustainable by advancing zero-emission, marine and/or land-based technologies that are commercially viable. This award is new for 2017.

The BIG Pitch 2017 – A collegiate level award given in collaboration with Georgia Southern University, for undergraduate & graduate student innovations that improve economies, health, and the environment, fitting under the theme of sustainability. The winner was selected from eight collegiate finalists who presented at Ocean Exchange in Savannah, GA.

Solutions Inspiring Action set themselves apart in two ways:

Feasibility and Ease of Implementation

  • Resources needed to implement the solution are readily available
  • The solution is cost-effective, or can be made so
  • The risks are identifiable, quantifiable, manageable and are minimal compared to the benefits

Breadth of Application

  • The conditions that need to be in place for the solution to be introduced are well defined
  • The solution is versatile and can be applied and implemented in diverse settings across multiple industries, countries, and culture.

Gulfstream® Navigator Award

The Navigator Award was the first Ocean Exchange award granted from 2011-2016. It has been retired in favor of our Neptune Award which is currently active.

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BIG Pitch Winners

The BIG Pitch is awarded to an undergraduate or graduate solution that improves economies, health, and the environment. The award is sponsored by Georgia Southern University.

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WW Orcelle® Award

The WW Orcelle® Award is given to the solution that can make our logistic operations more sustainable by advancing high-efficiency or zero-emission technologies that are commercially viable.

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The Neptune Award

The Neptune Award is given to the solution that advances our understanding of the ocean and that helps minimize our impact on these resources, even while using them for human benefit, resulting in more resilient bodies of water including healthy marine life and coastlines.

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