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Webcast #1

Our wonderful Emcee Dain Dunstan was joined by two former finalists, in this case a winner of Orcelle and a winner of Neptune, plus a panel member from industry or government. The startups gave an update of their status and Q&A as time allowed. Please join us in a year long celebration of our Tenth Anniversary.

Webcast #1

Webcast #2

Our second webcast explored emissions reduction as an important step in greening transportation. Panelists Dan Singleton and Ann Carpenter were joined by Emcee Dain Dunston and Ocean Exchange CEO Millicent Pitts.

Webcast #2

Webcast #3

Our third webcast explored the topic of ghost fishing. Ghost fishing is a term that describes what happens when derelict fishing gear “continues to fish”.  It traps, entangles, and potentially kills marine life, smothers habitats, and acts as a hazard to navigation, according to NOAA.  And, it impacts the fishermen’s bottom line after it is lost and no longer economically productive. Panelists Kortney Opshaug and Nicole LeBoeuf were joined by Emcee Dain Dunston and Ocean Exchange CEO Millicent Pitts.

Webcast #3

Webcast #4

The Future of Coral Reefs

Our fourth webcast featured a conversation with Neptune Award winner Sam Teicher of Coral Vita, and Martin Koehring of The Economist Group’s World Ocean Initiative. They discussed the future of coral reefs in their global and socioeconomic contexts.

Webcast 04

Webcast #5

Grid-Scale Energy Storage

Jolt Energy develops and engineers industry-changing, sustainable energy-storage technologies. Ocean Exchange hosted a conversation with 2018 Orcelle® Award winner Tom Guarr of Jolt, and Curtis Zimmermann of BASF. They discussed grid-scale energy storage, including Jolt’s organic redox flow batteries.

Webcast #6

Cellular aquaculture is a process in which seafood products are made directly from fish cells, with the same nutritional, taste, and preparation processes as conventional seafood products.

Ocean Exchange and Marine Technology Society co-hosted a conversation with 2018 finalist Lou Cooperhouse of cellular aquaculture startup Blue Nalu, and Deborah Mosca, biotech and business development expert and former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Marine Bio-Technologies Center of Innovation. They discussed cellular aquaculture in the context of global food production capacity and needs.

Webcast #6

Webcast #7

On November 4th, 2020, Ocean Exchange hosted a conversation on collegiate innovation with Dr. Thomas Manning of Valdosta State University and Dr. Amy Wright of Florida Atlantic University, both working in the area of Materials from the Sea. Also joining was Dr. John Wensveen of Nova Southeastern University and the Alan B. Levan NSU Broward Center of Innovation.

Webcast 07 Video

Webcast #8

On November 18th, 2020, Ocean Exchange hosted a conversation on emissions monitoring with Sophie Punte of Smart Freight Centre, and Bettina Knudsen of greentech company Explicit. Bettina was an Ocean Exchange finalist in 2014. The webcast spans data, regulation, roles of different actors, and what’s next for emissions monitoring.

Webcast #08

Webcast #9

On November 18th, 2020, Ocean Exchange hosted a conversation on Putting CO2 Emissions to Work. Nicholas Flanders, CEO of Opus 12, has developed a novel carbon recycling technology. Join Nicholas and Roger Strevens, VP, Global Sustainability at Wallenius Wilhelmsen discussed the state of carbon recycling at industry scale.

Webcast 09

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