Green Technology Artificial Reefs, April 2017

Green Technology Artificial Reefs by Valdosta State University A team from Valdosta State University was a 2015 finalist in the BIG Pitch competition. Tess Baker presented their solution Green Technology Artificial Reefs, a form of biodegradable, nutrient enriched concrete. April 2017 Update: Since presenting at Ocean Exchange the work, advised by Dr. Thomas Manning, has gained […]

WITT Energy Success Story, March 2017


WITT Energy / Winner of the 2013 Gulfstream Navigator Award “The WITT is a technology capable of collecting chaotic movement in any direction and turning it into useable power. The WITT collects energy from Natural Occurring Motional Energy in WATER, (sea river or tidal) WIND, or HUMAN/ANIMAL movement with no impact on the environment. In Marine the WITT […]

Optistring Success Story, July 2016

Optistring by Anders Lindgren Optistring was a 2012 Ocean Exchange finalist. The company was founded in 2011 and is based on a spin-out idea from research at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, the largest technical university in Sweden. Their mission is to be a technology leader in power electronics for distributed power generation and contribute […]

Liquid Robotics Success Story, July 2016

Wave Glider / Liquid Robotics Liquid Robotics Wave Glider was one of the top ten Solutions Inspiring Action in 2011, and won the Gulfstream Navigator Award that year at the Ocean Exchange Event in Savannah, GA. Wave Glider Technology harnesses the innate power of ocean waves and turns it into propulsive motion. Wave motion is […]

MARE Group Success Story, April 2016

BATFish / MARE Group The Marine Applied Research & Exploration or MARE Group was an Ocean Exchange Solutions Inspiring Action contest finalist in 2011 with their solution, the Benthic Assessment Towfish, or BATFish. BATfish is one of MARE’s suite of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), which operates at a depth of 100m with a light operational […]

Zero-Blade Wind Energy Converter (The Saphonian) Success Story, March 2016

Zero-Blade Wind Energy Converter, The Saphonian / Saphon Energy  Zero-Blade Wind Energy Converter, presented by Hassine Labaied of Saphon Energy, was the winner of the 2015 Gulfstream® Navigator Award in 2015. Saphon Energy has developed breakthrough innovation in wind energy named “The Saphonian”, the Zero-Blade wind converter. The Saphonian is a radical new way to generate efficient, […]

Banka BioLoo Success Story, October 2015

Banka success story

Banka BioLoo / Bio Toilets   Banka BioLoo was an Ocean Exchange Solutions Inspiring Action contest registrant in 2014. Their Bio Toilets solution addresses the malaise of open defection primarily in rural India and urban slums. Bio toilets use patented bio-digester technology and produce minimal byproducts.   September 2015 Update: Since registering with Ocean Exchange, Banka […]

Gridmates Success Story, October 2015

Gridmates success story

Peer-to-Peer Electricity Sharing / Gridmates Gridmates was an Ocean Exchange Solutions Inspiring Action contest registrant in 2014. Their solution, Peer to Peer Electricity Sharing, addresses energy poverty by supplementing existing customer assistance programs to allow individuals to contribute energy to those in need via cash donations through an online platform. Energy Poverty impacts 48 million people […]

Rev O2 Solutions Success Story, August 2015

galletta success story

Galletta Aerator / Rev O2 Solutions Rev O2 Solutions (now Aerator Solutions) was an Ocean Exchange Solutions Inspiring Action contest registrant in 2015. Their solution, The Galletta Aerator, is a low maintenance technology that can drastically reduce cost and energy consumption at waste water treatment plants, in addition to effectively aerating and revitalizing the water. August 2015 Update: The […]

Graphene Frontiers Success Story, July 2015

graphene frontiers success story

Large Area Graphene Films / Graphene Frontiers Lab Graphene Frontiers was an Ocean Exchange Solutions Inspiring Action contest registrant in 2014. Their solution, Large Area Graphene Films takes the technology of graphene to new markets with larger single sheets than were available before. Graphene is a new material discovered in 2004, which won the nobel prize in […]