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Paul Frank III

DirectorDirector Mid-Atlantic Technology Forum

Paul Frank is the Director, World Technology Partners in NJ, USA. Most of Paul Frank’s work experience has been spent at nonprofit organizations from the arts to membership service organizations.

This work has centered and centers around the administration and program development of these institutions.  From working at Chamber Music America, where he wrote his MFA thesis (comparing arts service organizations in Europe and the US) to running the Red River Revel Arts Festival in Shreveport, Louisiana and spending over 23 years in various positions at the New Jersey Technology Council, he has sought to provide a wide range of opportunities to artists and technology executives so as to broaden their visibility and opportunities through competitions, webinars, trade shows and conferences.

Since leaving the Council at the end of 2019, he has focused on developing similar competitions through World Technology Partners, most recently developing an International Call for Presentations focusing on Brain Research: The Quest for Good Data & Innovation.

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Ocean Exchange invites you to learn more about Awards Program, our ecosystem and success of our award winners and participants. Together, we can chart a powerful course to help ensure the future of our oceans and the Blue Economy.

“Ocean Exchange has a platform to enable people with information that they need to know about the ocean and then to showcase new technologies that are on the forefront of really helping the ocean and the planet.”

“The quality of the content and the people who are involved with Ocean Exchange is all high end.”

“Besides funding, Ocean Exchange provides access to a wide area network of incredibly talented people in organizations that really do just want to help people.”

“Ocean Exchange is really about helping the little guys grow and in so doing, helping the big guys be better ocean citizens.”

“Ocean Exchange seems to be much more focused on bringing to light under-capitalized, wonderful new technology ideas. And it’s all about two-way access to this new technology and to the people who can help with the experience to grow that technology.”

“Ocean Exchange is a force multiplier to enable sustainable innovation.”

“Ocean Exchange is a global, novel innovation forum that has a greater ability to attract a broader range of impactful stakeholders than any other event that’s out there.”

“Unquestionably, one of Ocean Exchange’s primary strengths is how it brings together people from different paths. That makes its event a delegator experience as well as experience for an innovator or awards nominee.”

“Ocean Exchange is entirely different from any of the other organizations that I’m involved in. It is about sustainable innovation. I think it’s also very different in the extremely broad range of stakeholders that it involves.”

“There’s nothing better than going to an event or engaging with people so you walk away and say, ‘Wow!’”