Alexandros A. Barpayianis

From a young age living in Greece, Alexandros A. Barpayianis was always interested in entertainment arts. He would watch re enactments of ancient Greek plays performed in historically preserved theaters. Alexandros was so intrigued that he would come home and put on his own plays with friends in his backyard.

When Alexandros was six he moved to New York City. There he had access to more television channels and shows, which helped him understand English language and American culture more. Paying an homage to his Greek routes he would watch black and white Greek New Wave cinema with his father. Alexandros went to The High School of Art & Design to continue his pursue with Film & TV.

While at SCAD Alexandros learned making documentaries, and using film not only to entertain but as an educational art form. June 2018 Alexandros will have graduated from SCAD with a B.F.A. in Film & TV. After that he will practice documentary film making and hopes to work for a network that funds documentaries.