Intern Program

Ocean Exchange welcomed intern Maddie Gray for the 2019 Award Cycle.

Madison Gray joined Ocean Exchange as a summer intern in 2019. Upon her graduation from the University of Texas at Austin, she intends to follow her dream of becoming an entrepreneur, focusing on international development. She would like to bring trash-to-energy solutions to the United States as well as lower the cost of pharmaceutical drugs in countries that suffer from poverty. In addition to these aspirations, she would like to write a series of books about goal-setting and mindset. 

Founded in 2010, The Ocean Exchange, an IRS 501(c) (3) organization, unites worldwide organizations across multiple disciplines and boundaries to accelerate the distribution and adoption of solutions that positively impact economies and the environment.

Andrew Amores

Andrew Amores is a cinematographer currently based in Savannah, Georgia. With 8+ years of film and photography experience, Andrew Amores' keen eye for detail is an asset to any employer.

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Alexandros A. Barpayianis

From a young age living in Greece, Alexandros A. Barpayianis was always interested in entertainment arts. He would watch re enactments of ancient Greek plays performed in historically preserved theaters. Alexandros was so intrigued that he would come home and put on his own plays with friends in his backyard.

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Gabrielle DeGeorge

Gabrielle is an editor for the Ocean Exchange internship. Growing up her favorite pastimes were watching movies and to going fishing with her dad. It only made sense that eventually she’d fall in love with filmmaking and the environment.

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Austin Huffman

Austin Huffman grew up in Louisiana and and Rio de Janeiro and spent most of his time exploring the outdoors.

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Kyle Jensen

A recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Film & Television program, Kyle Jensen is a cinematographer and gaffer with 6+ years of experience. He serves as a cinematographer for the Ocean Exchange’s film intern program. He seeks to bring awareness to important issues through his work on documentaries, music videos, narratives, and other forms of film making.

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Savannah Kloeden

Savannah Kloeden is a Sri Lankan/Australian/American filmmaker and acting director for this years Ocean Exchange internship.

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Taylor Pruitt

Taylor Pruitt is a producer for the Ocean Exchange Internship. She grew up in Northeast Georgia in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains where she gained a love for nature and the environment.

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