William Brennan

Chairman of the Board of Governors

Water & Sustainability Investor

William “Bill” Brennan is recognized as one of the leading water investors globally with experience in equities, project finance, venture capital & private equity. He is a sustainability/impact investor with 25 years of water & waste-related experience and is committed to sustainable investing. He presently serves as a Senior Advisor/Investment Committee to Equilibrium Capital’s Water & Waste Fund and is a Sr. Advisor & Director-Sustainability & ESG product development at Maryland Capital Management He is a Trustee of Waterkeepers Alliance.

Dedicated to sustainable water solutions, Bill co-founded WaterMark Development and has served on numerous boards including the Dean’s Advisory Board for the College of Engineering, Colorado State University. His expertise has been noted by CNBC, Fox Business, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. Bill holds a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University, an MSc in Biomedical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University, and an MBA from Villanova University. He is a veteran, serving as an officer in the U.S. Air Force.