Mare Straetmans

My name is Mare Straetmans. I am passionate entrepreneur and intrapreneur in the world of maritime and energy. Currently I am working on setting up the new oceans health business for Van Oord (a large innovative maritime powerhouse), launching new ventures with the Green Swan Partners and investing in maritime and energy start-ups. This is all fueled by my mission to bring innovation to the maritime and energy sectors, decreasing the impact for our planet of these sectors and offering young talent the opportunity to grow with exciting challenges.

All my motivation comes from creating new meaningful business with high impact. This business is based on the newest technologies with a clear link to the trends around the world in climate change, digitalisation & renewable energy.

Through my former roles as director for the digital transformation at Van Oord, the founder and managing director of PortXL, innovation manager at the Port of Rotterdam and involvement with many start-ups, my drive for business and planetary impact is obvious.