Justin Manley

Justin Manley is an innovative technologist and executive with experience in startup, public corporation, academic, and public sectors. Mr. Manley has been working with marine technology and robotics since 1990 and is a recognized leader in uncrewed systems development and operations. After professional roles at MIT, supporting NOAA and in the private sector Mr. Manley founded Just Innovation Inc. in 2015. He supports a variety of clients with a focus on uncrewed and undersea systems. He is an advisor to Terradepth, an ocean data services startup, and a co-founder of Seahawk Robotics which is commercializing drones that fly, float, deploy payloads and dive.

Mr. Manley is extensively involved in the marine technology profession through a variety of leadership roles. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, a Life Member and President-Elect of the Marine Technology Society (MTS), a Fellow of the Institute for Marine Engineering Science and Technology (IMAREST) and a founding member of Marine Education for Inspiration and Innovation (MATEII). He is dedicated to innovation, serving as a mentor to many startup companies and a judge for the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health and ANA AVATAR XPRIZEs. He holds two patents in uncrewed systems oversight and security.