Adrian Weiler

After working with Daimler in Germany and Hills Industries in Australia, Adrian in 1986 became CEO of INFORM, a German software firm specializing in Digital Decision Making – the art of applying Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence to smart decision-making in dynamic business operations. While serving as CEO the company expanded from just 5 to 800+ employees, with 1,000+ clients in 40+ countries worldwide.

INFORM pioneered the ‘Agile Optimization’ management strategy: A.I. algorithms empowering smart, rapid, and interactive decision-making for managers in complex and dynamic planning scenarios with many unpredictable factors. The A.I. software targets aviation, logistics, transportation, inventory & supply chain, production, and workforce management.

Adrian lives with his family in Aachen, Germany. He is a founding member of Aachen Civic Foundation and chairs the board of directors at Smart Freight Centre, Amsterdam, an NGO advocating climate rescue in the global logistics and supply chain sector. He is an avid private pilot, too.