Frank Freiler

Frank retired from BASF in 2016, where his last position was as Vice President of Global Key Accounts working out of the BASF Corporate headquarters in Florham Park.  Frank has the ability to see growth opportunities based on insights he has gained in his 35+ years of experience in businesses that were connected to the global personal care and home care products industries.  He can connect markets and technology to meet the needs of the customer and finally the unmet needs at the consumer level. 

Frank’s greatest success has come from establishing new businesses within the structure of large multi-national corporations.  He has been directly involved in the successful acquisition of 4 businesses over a period of 20 years.  In each case, the acquired business became the basis of a new business unit within the acquirer’s portfolio. Though each acquisition was relatively small, (less than $100 mil purchase price) each was critical in moving the business strategy forward.  Frank’s role was to understand the market position and competencies of the to-be acquired company and insure that they were aligned with the objectives of the company making the acquisition.  In each case post acquisition, Frank either ran the newly formed business or was a key member of the senior leadership team of the business.  This included a 2 year assignment in Paris, France where he was Vice President/Managing Director of the Beauty Care Solutions global business unit within BASF.

Frank has a BA in Chemistry from New York University and an MBA from Pace University with an emphasis in Organization Behavior. 

With the creation of Canyon Consulting, LLC in 2016 he has focused on Strategic Marketing and M&A with an emphasis on the chemical industry for consumer markets. 

Along the way, he will continue to live in Chatham, NJ with his wife Lorraine.