Jud Hill

Mr. Hill recently co founded and is a managing partner at an investment fund entitled Ecological Service Partners. The fund invests in sustainable land and water assets with a specific focus on wetland and stream mitigation banking assets. The fund also pursues related strategies in water, environmental services, sustainable agriculture and coastal protection.

Mr. Hill is also the founder and a Managing Partner of Blue Star Capital, LLC an advisory firm with sector verticals to included water, energy, environmental services and sustainable asset management. Particular expertise in the nexus between energy, water and agriculture. Advisory services range from M&A, capital structures, and operations.

Mr. Hill has over 40 years of experience in both water and environmental service company operations as well as twenty years of private equity experience in the water, general industrial, energy and sustainability industries. Experience includes serving as Managing Director of NGP/Carlyle Global Adaptation Partners where he leading the firm’s efforts in sourcing, execution and monetization of opportunities in the water, sustainable farming and oil field services sectors, Prior to NGP, Mr.Hill was a Managing Partner with Summit Global Water Asset Management. From 1999 to 2008, served as Managing Director of Aqua International Partners and then The Halifax Group, both affiliates of the Texas Pacific Group. Mr. Hill’s early career was with Atlantic Richfield and Westinghouse Electric Corporation where he held operating and executive roles in the environmental and water sectors.

Mr. Hill received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Edinboro State University and a Bachelor and Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering in 1979 from the University of Pittsburgh. Board Of Directors: Abtech Industries, Soil Safe Inc., Fountain Quail Energy Services, Greenstone Resource Holdings, Anacostia River Keepers, The Ocean Institute and Trustee of Water Keeper Alliance. Mr. Hill is also an Eagle Scout.