The Ocean Exchange™ offers two incentive awards, underwritten by our Worldwide Sponsors, to outstanding Solutions Creators. The 2015 award winners will be selected from finalists invited to present at our Event, being held on October 11 – 15th, 2015.


The Gulfstream® Navigator Award 2014 of $100,000 was given to the solution that demonstrated the greatest potential to address our theme with applicability across multiple industries, generating positive impact on economies and the environment.

Okeanos Technologies




The 2013 Navigator Award recipient was Witt Energy. Fi

The 2012 award recipient was ***

The 2011 award recipient was ***


The WWL Orcelle® Award 2014 of $100,000 was given to the solution that makes shipping and logistics more sustainable by advancing zero-emissions marine transport and technologies that are commercially viable.

Minesto AB


The 2013 Orcelle recipient was ECOsubsea.


The 2013 Theme

The 2014 ThemeIn addition to the criteria listed above, the 2013 award winners represent excellence and fulfillment of purpose while demonstrating the greatest potential for “LEAP TO ZERO+